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Trojan horse

what remains of fire

Volcano exhibition center


Summer 2020. Exited about a third competition I’m curator of . Is there a way we can bring both nature and architecture in one form so seamless they become one?  I want to thank UNI Competitions for the invitation and thanks the amazing jury panel: Alessandro Melis, Carlos Campos,  Jose Juan Barba

January 2020. Exited about a second competition I’m curator of . Tourist or traveler? With the title of A NEW WOOD, is about to re-propose a different sense of the concept of path, the wood in the fairy tale of little red riding hood. A GREAT CHALLENGE of which I want to thank UNI Competitions for the invitation and a huge thank to another wonderful, amazing team of jurors. Anton Markus Pasing, Riet Eeckhout, Belén Butragueño Díaz-Guerra, Alexander Daxböck, Giacomo Costa and Sotirios Papadopoulos

December 2019. I am honoured about this first competition which I am the lead curator of. I take this opportunity to thank UNI Competitions for inviting me and especially the 5 Jurors who have accepted to accompany me in this challenge. Thanks to Yuri Avvakumov, Antonello Marotta, Donatella Cusma’, Yannis Graos, Massimiliano Ercolani.

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