2020 Curator of a New Wood Competition, Uni Competitions
2020 Curator of Proximity Island Competition UNI Competitions
2018 Visionary landscapes in the XVII century Aproximaciones Contemporáneas al Paisaje Urbano
2016, The Best for 2016, Metalocus
2015 Juror at Ctrl+Space Competition PORTO Pool Promenade
2014 Imaginary Body and Sections of Imagination in Form:uLA by Bryan Cantley, Metalocus
2014 Conference at Nebrija Univrsity
2014 Zoo of Particles, Ezuff film Festival, New York
2013, Dislexias Contemporanea , Esne University
2012 Fundación Enric Miralles, Metalocus
2011 Aulenti Composition
Gae Aulenti
2011 In the memory of Gae Aulenti. Metalocus
2010 Museo senza Collezione EMBT ws10, IUAV
2009 Nearly Ninety , Merce Cunningham Scenography by EMBT
2009, Scenography for Mece Cunningham, EMBT
2009, Curator of the Exhibition 4 Cuartos , Coam and UEM
2009 “Arquitecturas Centrifugas” Cycle of Conferences Organised by Cesare Battelli, Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Fernando Moral
2008, WS 08, EMBT
2006, Tres Ciudades Visionarias
2002 Monograph Spazio e Architettura nº56/13
2002 Monograph Spazio e Architettura nº56/13
2008, Frame MAGAZINE
1998, Disegno Interior nº 78
1991, El Croquis 49/50
1989 C3 no.89_9201

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